Yes, you can take greater control

The 2015 budget released by the Office of Management and Budget includes severe cuts to skilled nursing facility reimbursements. The White House proposal is intended to cut federal spending on healthcare by $402 billion over the next 10 years. Many Skilled Nursing Facilities (known as SNF’s in the business) provide a high quality of care on a skeletal budget already.

The result: payments will be reduced with no decrease in the amount of care needed, especially for the most vulnerable – the elderly and infirmed.

Why put yourself in the midst of this situation? Long term care insurance enables you to take greater control of where, when, how, and what level of care you desire and require.

A long term care insurance specialist can design the suitable plan for you, tailored to your budget and specific family needs. Make sure your agent is Long Term Care Certified and can assist you with your State Partnership programs.


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