LTC Capital is a leading independent Insurance brokerage working to educate our clients so that they can best protect their independence, assets and piece of mind. The brokerage has a straightforward approach when consulting with clients, helping them choose customized plans and providing innovative solutions for their individual needs. We assist  individuals, families, and businesses with plan designs that are appropriate for the client. Working with our clients, every effort is put forth by the LTC Capital team to balance the lowest cost possible with the highest level of value and benefits.

LTC Capital regularly provides education programs for accountants, insurance and financial professionals. In addition, LTC Capital spends a significant amount of time working with employers who are concerned about their employees and the potential consequences that exposure to risk may have on a family – both financial and emotional.

Our mission is helping people on a long term basis. Thus, our practice is not transactional, it’s relational. We prefer connecting with clients on a personal level and also offer you the appropriate and suitable guidance you need.

We are fortunate to work with a diverse base of clients. Our success is built upon our commitment to spending time to know your individual needs, hopes, and what you look for in an advisor. Everyone has different experiences relative to investments and insurance and require varied levels of guidance and product information. We value each client relationship and our mission is to help you achieve long term independence and with dignity.

Environmental Sustainability

At LTC Capital, we are mindful of our impact on the environment and realize that to appropriately harmonize business practices and environmental safeguarding is simply the right thing to do. Every day we strive to operate our business in a sound and environmentally safe manner and to share our awareness of environmentally safe practices with our clients and business partners.